Still being ripped off…


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There should be a scale introduced to ensure that the cost goes down at the same rate that it goes up, immediately. This nonsense about being fuel at a higher price is total nonsense.

Gov to cut 50% off VAT till Christmas and cut the price to what it should be; prices would be around £1.30 a litre, still ridiculous but less so than £1.98.
My local tesco knocked about 15p a litre off Diesel in about a week. It went from about 1.97, to around 1.83. I'll take that for now as I need a full tank for the weekend.

Still WAY too much though!
I am usually the first to slag off my local filling station but on this occasion they have reduced the price fairly quickly and yesterday were cheaper than my local supermarket, so credit were credit is due!!!
The energy and fuel price rises are being blamed on the war in Ukraine and Covid, when its just greedy corporations ripping people off. The fact that the government are doing sweet FA about it tells you everything you need to know. They're making out like they're doing us all a favour when actually they're just giving the energy companies £400 (of your money) for every household in the UK. Don't be conned. They want these prices to stay high!
They put that headline with Tesco leading the way with cuts but Ingleby Tesco started as one of the highest in the area and is still 5p above Asda portrack…
I have 4 garages in easy reach. 2 are at £1.76 and the 2 tescos are £1.82 and £1.84 (yesterday). Until the last 4 month Tesco were always cheaper now they are always dearer.
same where i live
The Uk government charges 58p Duty per liter and then charge 20% vat on top of that. Uk consumes 42.5 million liters per day so just in Duty your Gov collects almost 29 million pounds per day. That amounts to ten billion five hundred eighty-five million per year just on Duty . Its the government you should be looking at.
A garage not too far from me, but too far to go just for petrol has been selling unleaded at £1.61/litre - the owner says other garages are profiteering selling it at £1.85 plus.

It has come down in the last few days to 1.72 to 1.77 near me.
I've noticed here in Weymouth its gone from 189 for unleaded down to 179 in about a 10 day window, so its going the right way, but still about 45p per litre over where it should be.
Every cloud has a silver lining, people will use cars for less journeys/plan journeys/use bikes/drive slower. All this is better for the environment which is really the one and only subject that any one should be really concerned about.
I didn’t see any of that happening when prices were at the highest. It wont matter soon anyway when we’re all living in The Line.