Watmore AND Akpom leaving

Simply red

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Watmore and Akpom have clubs lined up , they will go when we have replaced them.
Some turnover , I expected Akpom to leave , Watmore is a shock .
Let’s hope their replacements are a step up .


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Cannot see Watmore leaving right now.

We'd need 3 more strikers in, and some would need to be permanent with the 5 loan in a matchday squad limit.

AC Jimbo

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If they are Muniz Armstrong and Hoppe then that would be ok as we still have Coburn but I would love Gyokeres - for me this lad is going to be worth 20 to 30 million in the future - I was so impressed with him last season at the Riverside - best centre forward I saw play against us last year.
Better than Harry Kane, Son Heung Min, Cristiano Ronaldo and Romelu Lukaku?


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Watmore was very useful as a impact sub last season, less so when he started. He also rarely finishes a game nor can he play two games in a row from the start. I think Watmore being one of the highlights last season said more about the other strikers than him - If we are relying on someone who cannot play 40 plus games then we have no hope in my opinion.

Solid player and gave his all but i would not be too sad if he went providing we do bring in some strikers of course


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Be a shame to see Watmore go, he's been brilliant for us.

But he's a winger really doing a job as a centre forward. A very good job in the circumstances, but I suppose you have to ruthless if you're aiming for promotion. If we have the opportunity to bring in 3 more quality centre forwards, he's not going to get much game time and I assume he wants to play at his age.

Certainly wouldn't mind if we did go into the season with him as 4th choice mind.