Songs that you never tire of listening to


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I really like in the year 2525 for some reason that I can't explain.

Love that song & to think when it was recorded years ago, the words could be true of today

Man has taken everything & given nothing back, or wods to that affect


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This. Really it's Robeson's song, lock stock and barrel - and more than that, it's a black guy's song. But there's just something about the way Sinatra sings it, the scars in his voice and his soul - he'd been kicked around a bit by then, including an attempted suicide when in a tempestuous relationship with Ava Gardner. Around 3'15" he takes it right down, the orchestra nigh-on disappears and then he takes it even further down before slowly bringing it back up, without even drawing a breath. A really remarkable performance by a truly great singer.



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For a reason

Even if on repeat, love this 1977 track, great period for me, 17 years old & the Boro were going places with John Neal taking over & our 1st trendy iconic kit

I've worn grooves in my grooves in my LP's (that was before they became "albums"), Creedence, Eagles, Sweet, Smokie, Slade, Leo Sayer, Gilbert O'Sullivan, Sailor, Chi Lites.


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Like all those you've mentioned Trug, it seems there's not just me with an awful taste in music, there's a load of us 😁👍
Aye, and I bet that all of us on here were stood in the Holgate at the various times that all of "our" songs came out, - and for all of us it was just like yesterday