Songs that you never tire of listening to


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For a reason

Even if on repeat, love this 1977 track, great period for me, 17 years old & the Boro were going places with John Neal taking over & our 1st trendy iconic kit

Saw them at the Fiesta Christmas 1973. First Christmas after getting married. Table of 8 of us. Fantastic night👍


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Paul Simon - Kathys Song

Reason - always reminds me of 'a' Kathy - the first real girtlriend I had who moved away...The day she moved we kissed, said we'd keep in touch, we'd get back together...nothing came of it...I sat in my bedroom looking at the removal van driving away through a heavy rain shower. That was around 45 years ago but it still pulls.
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Reasons? Away from my usual northern and mod tracks this probably my go to tune - a contender for a funeral tune infact!

Memories of 1984 - great nights out in the town, it also reminds me of happier times when I played Sunday league football alongside so many good mates - one of which is sadly no longer with us and this is one of his faves too.