Songs that you never tire of listening to


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A few great songs on here. Harry beat me to Wicheta Lineman- I insisted on visiting when I was in Kansas yonks ago- that was some trip- took ages :)

This has always reminded me of sunshine Boro summers as a kid, even though the great man himself got the river wrong (I'm thinking it must have been all about the rhyme......)



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Best Whiteman playing blues imho,great song, I love Windward s voice, this song helped me see something but that's another story, the run down in this is something else.

Always makes us cry, maybe just old and daft! Would love to hear him playing the organ at his local church in the Cotswolds. Apparently him and his son are big Cheltenham fans.


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Whilst generally speaking anything by Abba, Wham and The Beautiful South often spring to mind, I never ever tire of these two gems.

The Otis Redding one reminds me of some past holiday memories. The latter because it was both one of my favourite films and a Karaoke song I sang (albeit badly) for reasons that will forever remain in my heart.

And Ben E. Kings Stand By Me
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Well no one took the time to read my thread properly, which I've been guilty of, only a record you never tire of listening to but a reason why, 🤔👌
There are those 'nostalgia' songs which give you that feeling only music can and take you back to when you first heard them.

Stone Roses - Made of Stone
Oasis - Champagne Supernova
Verve - Lucky Man
Pearl Jam - Small Town
Beatles - Ticket To Ride