Neil Warnock is going to give it his very best shot next season and wants everyone to know just how much his last season will mean to him. More than that he needs us be back supporting home and away to keep him “on his toes.” I asked the Boro manager if after the way we were slipping up lately is the message still there that we should be excited about next season. Just read the passion, determination and the word he used “desire” in the words of his reply.

Q: Obviously we have lost a few games recently but is the message still there that we should be excited about next season?

Bloody hell I wouldn't be here if it weren't. Think yourself lucky I am here Rob because I have got to sort it out. I think it would be a difficult job for a young manager at the minute I think. It is not easy in the situation we are in with four games to go but it is something that I revel in really because I am determined to give Steve a season to remember if I am honest, I said that to him when I came up. It would be easy to go and start fishing.

I give a lot up you know to be here for another year. I am going to be living up here, probably on my own. I haven't got my family around me. It is a little bit lonely at times and you read people like Dominic and Craig (Gazette) slaughtering me and people like Joe and then people like Scotty (Northern Echo) who daren't slaughter me because I am going to go (to his house) for a cup of tea.

(Neil Warnock was poking fun at all the faces smiling back at him in this zoom session).

So, you know, it's not easy at times up here but I have to thrive on it. I have to put the disappointments behind me as soon as possible and realise that the club that it is, a great club, the person I am working for. I have got one more challenge in me and that's what drives me. How many people are going to be managing at my age? It is unheard of really. I can't see anybody else managing. I know Roy (Hodgson) is still there. But I think I have just got to give it my best shot and I think it is possible. It is nothing to do with your age or your tactics or whatever it is. You have got to have that desire. And I have still got that desire, otherwise like I say I wouldn't be having all the hassle that I have and I am going to do my best for the club and the fans.

I hope the fans are back. I desperately need the fans back at the Riverside. To get the best out of myself. To keep me on my toes. And away from home apparently the fans are amazing away from home. You get the noise, the volumes. I think at Rotherham if we were there altogether, they would fill that far end at Rotherham and it is a great atmosphere when the away fans are there.

So, I am looking forward to everything next year. And it can't come quick enough really. I have to really bite my tongue at the moment and not easy to do interviews after games like QPR when you really want to say a lot more than you do. You have just got to bite your tongue and think, well, it's only four more games and then it is down to you, then.

Warnock clearly believes we can take on all opponents and all odds and succeed. He thinks it can be done and is going all out to succeed. This big return will be something to be part of, I am sure you will agree.