Your Iconic Footballer as a lad?....


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Colin Bell - he could fly.
First time I saw him play for England.
Three lions won 5-1 against Scotland(y)

Before that it was George Best

England 5 Scotland 1



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Junhinho and Gazza. Glad I got to see both in Boro shirts, even though Gazza didn't do all that much here.


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I did see Best play once, but towards the end of his career. My era was Maradona and Cruyf really. Trevor Fancis, and Glen Hoddle in the English league.

Frozen Horse

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First tournament I really remember is Euro 88.

At the time, I couldn't imagine anyone being better than Marco van Basten.

Makes me very sad to hear him say the glory years weren't worth the pain he now lives in.