Would you buy the new Boro shirt if it had no sponsor name and logo?

Would you buy a Boro shirt without a sponsor name and logo?

  • Yes

    Votes: 159 81.5%
  • No

    Votes: 36 18.5%

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Although having a gambling sponsor is horrendous and the particular design of the sponsor on this seasons shirt isn't very appealing, I still prefer the shirts to have a sponsor.

On the seasons where the kids tops don't have a sponsor and I've bought them for my children they look vey basic, like training tops.
I would definitely buy one yes.
I haven’t or won’t buy one though with the betting sponsor name on.
Being on the old side,I’d prefer that they had an option to buy one made of a cotton mix rather than polyester.

Why I prefer the replica sites, I'm not playing footy in it or even going to the gym.... I wear them as a tee shirt or alike - my replica 1974, heavy cotton, black & blue stiped away shirt - is still my fave shirt.
That is true of course. But do those objecting actually buy the shirts every season?
I would say I've bought about half of the kits over the last 10 years. Definitely wouldn't buy one with a gambling sponsorship for reasons I mentioned in previous thread. Voted Yes in this vote
On some occasions a subtle sonsor can make a kit look better but this season the Unibet sponsor (along with a dreadful collar) ruins the shirt.

It would look miles better without tgd sponsor.