The end?

Again, assassination of a politician in this country by another nation state is a declaration of war .

It’s weird how they seem to think they can do certain things without any consequence . Threaten us with nukes despite being able to use our own nukes on them . Threaten our politicians and say they’ll bomb us despite also being able to poison theirs and also being able to bomb Russia .

Doing any of they stuff they threaten with will end just as badly for them , yet they don’t seem to grasp this
Prigozhin is off the scale mad and dangerous. He's making a play for leader, and he has a powerful private army. This should pretty much act as confirmation of what we thought about Putin.
He needs to be stopped. By any means necessary.
‘Off the scale mad and dangerous’.

And this is the problem.

Meet the new boss (possibly), same as the old boss.

What a shambles this is and it looks like it is going to get even worse.
Doing any of they stuff they threaten with will end just as badly for them , yet they don’t seem to grasp this
You're making the mistake of thinking that this is intended for us. It isn't, it is for the home market.

It is interesting to hear the UK referred to as "the eternal enemy". This is based on their historic clashes with us as the two great empires of the 19th and early 20th centuries I guess. Always good to have a "boogerman" to engender fear and hatred. For the common Russian it seems to be us rather than the USA confusingly. Yet most educated Russians embrace western culture. Ho hum. They have threatened us (and everyone else) so many times in the last year it has rather lost its impact. You're going to nuke us are you Vlad? No you're not.
They could just reveal the level of influence they bought from the Tory government over the past decade or so ......could be far more damaging than a nuke ...... especially within the international community......
As I understand it, the playground bully is about to be hit hard.
You have obviously been told you can't give too much away so I'm not expecting an actual answer on this one and this is just my personal opinions on what I think may happen.
I believe from various reports that Ukraine have asked for supply of long range weapons, I have also seen that Germany and UK have given the green light for defensive strikes on Russia as in taking out military infrastructure and supply depots(also reports of a fire in an oil refinery I believe today or yesterday) so I assume other NATO members have also given the go ahead, not to mention Germany seem very annoyed by the fact Russia has expelled German diplomats.
I am now wondering whether the drones on Moscow where by Russian separatists and a taste of what is coming with more strikes on Russia military by Ukraine and more strikes within Moscow and major cities by the separatists.
I think the Ukrainian offensive has already started in the sense that Ukraine have been taking out supply depots and some small pushes in areas but will heat up very soon and very quickly with several simultaneous major offensives and some more action by the Russian separatists on the border areas.
I also don't think Putin is in charge anymore as too many different Russian top brass are speaking out which wouldn't happen if Putin was about, what I think will happen but may depend on which internal faction comes out on top within Russia it will be announced that one of these explosion in Moscow will kill Putin which will either encourage the people into the defence of the Motherland mode or the more sensible solution use this as A off ramp by saying that Putin had gone crazy because of illness and started this war and use him as the Scape goat to save there own skin, probably throw a few other politicians and military leaders under the bus to stand trail at the Hague, bring in a joint peace keeping force of NATO and China whilst fair democratic elections are held and new peace agreements are signed with guarantees and confirmation of pre 2014 recognised Ukrainian borders.
As I say this is just my opinion, uneducated guess work and the logical way that this could end(maybe a little bit of wishful thinking involved as well).
We’re all glued. Apologies for posting in a way. It’s not me we want to hear from us it? Every time there’s a new post…
I think there will be a period of radio silence from the Ukraine side. When it kicks off, it will be the Russian telegram channels that will be noisy. Girkin distills those channels. TBH, I don't know what is afoot, but my mate has intimated and several other key sources have implied that a hit is imminent. Part of this on the sicial media front will be to scare the bjeezus out of the hapless mobilised so that, if they have any sense, they wil scarper. Both Girkin and Pregozhin have come out in the last two days intimating that the Russian forces are going to struggle (read, be fecked). They're busy apportioning blame for what they know will happen. They are both, clearly, angling to be the new Tsar. Just go to sleep thankful that you aren't on the front line.