Sunderland vs Coventry


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Will Gyokeres turn into a one season wonder? Or will he be just as dangerous or better this season?


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I have to say I've not been overly fussed about my dislike of them over the years they've been away. Different league so hated from a distance.

I actually disliked Derby more after last season.

Yet 63mins of watching them on the telly. I feel they are going to annoy me this season 😂
Never known a set of fans appeal for so much and boo every single decision, its like watching an Everton game


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Sunderland will have to moderate their physicality or they are going to be playing a few games a man short. I know the refs are going to ignore "sh*thousery" this season but there have been a few challenges flying in that could/should have seen yellow and the captain could have been sent off for a studs up challenge but was lucky his opponent hurdled him.