Snake oil salesman Cummings in the sh*t


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Cheerleaders all out in full force on socials and news channels.....

Still making excuses for him. I have a horrible feeling this is going to kick up a few notches this week once Joe public catches up with the weekend news. Anita Boateng on sky news now saying it was fine.
Who on earth is Anita Boateng?
they will do what they always do, defend and deflect until he "decides tgat although hes done nothing wrong the attention is deflecting away from the war with CV" and he will step down.
3 months later he will be sneaked back in , like Patel, Williamson and others
When I first heard about it I thought they would go for a version of this straight away.

Resign quickly then comeback later on when the virus had died down all the time still advising the pm in the background.
I think this story is going to stay around for along time and the more excuses are put forward the more deeper it will get.

Cummins was seen by a significant group as someone who stood up for the silent minority of the left behind North against the Liberal Privileged Metropolitan and London Elite, who were out of touch and living in a bubble. In Trumps words a person who wanted to drain the swamp in DC's words the "Blob". Now DC is likely seen as part of the privileged swamp/blob that has his own rules, and so Dominic does what suits Dominic.
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this story is going to stay around for along time and the more excuses are put forward the more deeper it will get.
This was why I posted blood in the water earlier as you sat this is just going to escalate and if they can prove either he or the pm lied then it could be extremely damaging. By proof I mean a contradictory fact date or photo.


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Not only prepared to be outright unashamed liars, but hypocryies who treat the public with disdain and utter contempt. The rumbling of the public disenchantment with this political rabble is getting louder.

How soon before public servants become the objects of anger when they are trying to do their duty?

People already asking why they should do as they are told, when BloJo and his hand rags get away with what they like.

The BBC Gob - masquerading as the Political Editor, is at least attempting a rearguard defence of Cummins [citing unknown sources and attacking other news media on twitter]. She has laid her cards on the table. Made her allegiance quite clear.

Gloves are off.

At targets to the front......rapid fire!

At Targets to your front......jpeg


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Leadership by example................

To repeat:

To make one mistake is forgivable
To make the same mistake twice is careless
To make the same mistake three times show complete contempt and disrespect for themselves and everyone else.

Lets see if the "Leader" has the moral courage and backbone to send his subaltern to the Provo and discharge him immediately.

A dishonourable discharge is the only course if BloJo is to maintain his integrity and authority.

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Perhaps the worst aspect of this particular episode in shìtshow season 1 is that resource will be redirected towards damage limitation instead of dealing with the crisis that engulfs us all. let's not forget we're still on the middle (ish) of a pandemic and whilst the issue of Cummings needs addressing, a bigger tragedy would be to lose focus of the bigger picture


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personally I think he should go for what he has done, I’m just trying to find a bit of balance by asking what those with kids would have done in these circumstances? Point being the chances are many of us would probably have being the rules in these circumstances.
I was in full isolation for well over a week before the lockdown, along with my family and children, as I had quite a severe cough I couldn't get rid of and that was coupled with a fever for several days. I didn't dream about breaking the rules or taking the children on a trip to visit their grandparents - we did what was required of us and stayed in the house without coming into contact with anyone. For anyone to do otherwise is not only completely irresponsible but for someone in a position of power and influence, it's remarkably dangerous.