Newcastle takeover .


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I think it's a great idea to make a visual protest during the game it would really embarrass the saudi broadcasters. I am also wondering whether bin salmon will ever make an appearance in person at a game. Good cartoon in guardian about the takeover

David squires on Newcastle take over
Yes it was linked yesterday on a thread. It’s very poignant and hard hitting. Hope he doesn’t need to walk into any Saudi Embassies real soon.


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Bonesaw banners.

Why not, fans still have power and a massive voice. We’re part of the product. And these autocratic states would hate that, appearing on TV highlights with their new football club plaything - fine if you can ban dissent in your own country but if you’re going to play in a market where people have freedom of expression, they’re going to express it.

I do like the idea of protest banners and I hope they pop up. These places are corrupting our game by sportswashing their reputations with our brands, but it would be a nightmare for their “brand” if every NUFC game had away fans with banners pointing out the many, many misdemeanours of the Saudi state.
Giant 'foam-hand' bonesaws!


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They can't buy that win yet . . Hopefully by the time they come to splash the cash they will be more detached than a thieves hand.


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It's called Build Back Better brought to you by Boris. More like The Great British Rob and Roll Swindle.

Foodbanks are one of our great growth industries atm. World-beating foodbanks!!

Knock 3p off a pint, not that the landlord will be able to pass it on. In fact what he will be passing on is a 30p a pint increase to reflect pay increases. Perhaps poor people should take their champagne at home to save money.

Good job we had world beating track and trace which helped prevent our economy from tanking through the pandemic. At a rate of one pound per second it will take over a thousand years to cover the waste that was Fail to Track and Fail to Trace.

Rudderless government by the morally bankrupt. Emptying your pockets whilst lining their own.
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I see Sabic chemicals on Teesside have been saved by an injection of £1 billion of Saudi money. I cannot see any objections and banners on here ? Strange that.