Line of Duty (Possible spoilers inside, BEWARE!)


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Been trying to scrape in the last 3 series since Friday, I got up to series 5 episode 2 before the football started.

Dunno how I’ll cope having to wait a week for each episode!


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I think I'll avoid the whole thing and watch it all in one when it's finished.
We did that with series 1-5 in a month. Our household was late to party much like we were to Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead etc.


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I’ve said for a while H is Arnott’s old boss in series one in the Counter Terrorism squad, Osborne, played by Owen Teale.

This is what the QR code from the trailer gave you.



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I love line of duty. Just about the only thing I will watch on BBC (still doesn't justify me licence fee).

I thought the last season was probably the poorest. I say 'poorest' but still far better than anything else on TV. Just think the whole H thing is almost done to death.

That said still gripping stuff. Already plenty of twists with only one episode down👍. Basically everything you see can and probably is a massive misdirection and will be the complete opposite when you see them all.

I really struggle with this one episode a week. I am fully used to binging all at once. I usually record them all and watch all at once but it's impossible not to see spoilers for LOD as its everywhere. So watching them as they go out.