Line of Duty (Possible spoilers inside, BEWARE!)


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I agree with this being the weakest of the series. The characters have got more cartoonish as time as gone on. The Carmichael character was full on pantomime villain, Ted was resorting to ever more outlandish one liners to satisfy his fanbase and the Fleming character I just find utterly unlikeable and unbelievable.

Still the best thing on TV.


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Another series over but watch the real series... “Bent Coppers:Crossing the Line of Duty” on BBC Iplayer. The “Scenes of Crime” lecture, where all the top CID officers in London are sat on chairs is a classic!


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I think OCG got to Buckle in prison. They killed Lakewell in front of him. Told him to be the fall guy.
Knowing that Ted was on his way out, he would retire happy and not continue to pursue H.
The misspellings were planted, by the same person who forged Flemings signature on the transfer request for Davidson. Probably Chole.
The fourth man continues to hide amongst them.
Either that, or the writer learnt they weren't commissioning another series and thought, sod that, I will wrap this up quickly and pin the whole series on the worst actor.


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It`s ridiculous because this season has been analysed like no other.

It was all there to see that it was Buckles but because it was so obvious we all thought it could never be

Any other time we`d have to go back and re watch to see the little hints.

In the end it was ridiculous and disappointing and probably our own doing.

I thought it was a good season until episode 6, then it fell off a cliff

Unfortunately with such a poor ending it`ll go the way of GoT and be forgotten in a couple of months, which is a shame


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It was only slightly better than the horror show that was the final season and demolition of Game of Thrones.
To be fair GOT went down hill from season 5/6.

The moment they past the books and went all 'Hollywood' it was awful.

We had 6 good series of line of duty letdown by a disappointing ending. I've heard folk say '10 years of my life wasted' etc. It's really not.

The best thing by a country mile the BBC has done.

To be fair Buckels is probably the most realistic reveal. He's been in it since the first season and always in the shadows.
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It's still Osborne that is H.

Season 7 Carmichael uncovering things she'd really rather not have to investigate.

Hastings, retired, but brought back out of retirement to lead the investigation due to his familiarity with the case, his proven independence from the OCG and corrupt officers network and, in the event of it all going pear shaped, can be sacrificed with damage only to his reputation rather than the force.

It's the sort of thing a politician who was a former PCC with a grudge against Osborne might do, if they have moved on to a different position with national clout.