Least favourite Cities in the UK


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Easy one this, Doncaster.
Most Donny people are alright. And there’s some great pubs.
But the centre is crawling with Spice heads, tracksuited youths and petty criminals.
There’s a lad on the station wants to you go to the cash point and give him something. Despite being told 100,000 times not to he still does it. It’s like Romania.
Sandwell ( not a city but a metropolitan borough)

Sorry to posters who live in these places and may have seen another side of them but I feel they are grim with no appealing feature.
London - mostly for how busy and traffic
Birmingham - just grim
Aberdeen - Also grim
After 14 years of austerity Tory governments have really impacted lots of towns and cities.

As mentioned on this thread, I don’t like calling places bad. Most population centres have good and bad. I work in Aberdeen loads, and certain parts of the city are quite rough. Other parts are brilliant. It’s also quite cosmopolitan, but also has clear issues with substance abuse in the less desirable areas.

That could be said for lots of places in the UK.
Lond.... No, that is ridiculous!

I would say that I worked for a bit in Doncaster and I kind of agree with the OP. It kind of has nothing. Seemed really grim
40+ years of slash and burn = scorched earth.
Biggest homelessness crisis since the Second World War.
"Right To Buy", destroyed essential provision of social-housing at affordable rents.
Cherry-picked NHS core Services privatised.
Other services struggling to cope, with deliberate under-investment and unfilled NHS vacancies due to withdrawal of Government support for professional training and restrictions imposed on foreign professionals and other workers since Brexit.
Funds from the public purse being placed in the pockets of private shareholders instead of public health.
Massive reduction in hospital beds, especially in Mental Health Services.
Deliberate decimation of Local Authority Budgets by Central Government, leading to cuts in day-centres, community support, adult and child services.
Complete wipe out of community support and rehabilitation services for offenders, including Chris Graylings disastrous attempt to privatise the Probation Service.
Government disinvestment in public transport infrastructure, leaving many urban centres with inadequate, archaic rail and bus services.
Private shareholder pockets lined with public funds for our privatised rail and "Public" [!] Transport "system".
Cuts in the Police and Community Support Services.


Now we see the consequences in all our towns and cities across the entire UK.
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