Anyone got one of those Peloton indoor bikes


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Thought about it and then costed it. Its not just the kit - its the subs for the classes that put me off. I'm not a spinning lover but their classes are much cheaper.

Too expensive for me.


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Looks quite good going off the advert, but just looked at their prices online and it's safe to say they've blown me out of the water!


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Just looked....Jesus, that’s some seeeeeeerious money for an exercise back!
For the same money could get a concept 2 rower and have a grand + left over for a good outdoor bike and loads of kit.


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If you're not a cyclist then you'd possibly be able to justify it a bit more, but if you own a bike already then a smart trainer and a subscription to Zwift or similar makes far more sense.

Or just buy some mudguards and brave the winter ;)

Artie Fufkin

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they have 'gone big' with their advertising budget, especially in the states, with getting celebrity and sports star's endorsements - they are currently in the red (by over $200m last time i read an article on them a couple of months ago) and unless they see a big turnaround they may not able to cope with such limited growth in the market place (limited because of the high costs both of purchase of the bike and also their monthly subscriptions)

the concept is, in principal at least, a good one, however, they've tried to get too big too soon and this could prove costly in terms of a business model. there could be quite a few people left with very expensive clothes horses if this goes pear-shaped


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Just looked at another option the Scandic IFit S221 - looks better on many fronts

Scratch the Scandic - their trust pilot reviews are the worst I've ever seen
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Not too related to the subject as it's not a bike but has anyone seen the Fitness Mirror? It's kinda an interactive mirror where you follow the routines. Think it's US only at the moment. Prices start at about $1,500. A lot of these things look interesting as a concept but with the high entry points they'll struggle to attract a big enough base to make it profitable.


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I considered one for a while. You can pick them up used for a lot less with a bit of nouse about what to look out for.
For those that don’t live or work near a gym; they can be ideal. Yes it’s expensive, but high end gym gear is - try price up an excercise bike or treadmill in your gym, they’re often 5-10k.

I commute an hour each way but set off earlier than that to allow for traffic, so for me the idea of going to my normal gym is now totally off the cards, so I have a legit use case for it. My office has a gym but it’s not a huge range of gear.

a big part of the proposition is tracking all your metrics, leaderboards and live classes all without leaving the house. You can get live classes cheaper but not aware of any all in one community solution that tracks everything in the same way


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There’s a lot of community with peleton too. Some of the forums I looked at they get together on set times / days for community sessions / leaderboard etc

gamification for fitness is a good thing. It’s still a bit rich for my blood atm though, I’d have to use it for 7 years to save money on a gym sub and that’s not including the classes subscription.

If you want a cheaper option you can wall mount a tv or iPad stand and use any spin bike and subscription service, even peletons own, it just won’t feel a premium or be as one-stop-shop, but that’s probably what I’m going to build in my home office


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2k plus £40/mth! WTF? That's crazy!

Over three years that's £3,500, or £100/ mth!

For that cost:
Mountian bike £500
Road Bike £500
Decent Biking Gear £200
Strava £Free
Turbo Trainer £200
Gym membership £30/mth (Bannatynes)

So that's, £1,400, plus £1,080 = £2,480

Leaves you 1k so spend on a holiday or spinning classes or whatever.
Get a Wattbike Atom £1500 and a Swift subscription for £12.99 a month running on a tablet and do the job properly. Peloton is for bored housewives etc ... I will give Peloton 18 months before it goes bust and then those customers will be stuck with a 70KG paperweight gathering dust. Its massively overvalued and they've invested in a huge marketing campaign, its doomed. Plus its generally hated by the cycling community after its legal department sent cease and desist letters other companies who dared to use the word 'Peloton'.

You get bored with your Wattike Atom and you will get £1k - £1200 back for it.