Ads again

Never once seen an ad. My browser does ad blocking by default anyway, so it's not even like I elected to block ads and cut off revenue. Not gonna turn it off though...
Glad it’s nit just me , it’s the worst it’s been . I couldn’t get rid of the full page add by clicking X I had to refresh once
Same clicking the x doesn’t get rid, I have to go back then forwards, it’s really quite annoying.
Same clicking the x doesn’t get rid, I have to go back then forwards, it’s really quite annoying.
I have emailed again that they need to have those ads working and closing properly. It is a new company from USA that has taken over from the UK company managing it all. So, trying to communicate the importance to them.
Apologies for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.
Got to be the most horrendous 10 seconds of my day.
Come on lads it's a free site that costs Rob to provide it for us.
He's entitled to make some dosh from it . It's hardly a hardship pressing an arrow to go back and refresh and its only once each time you log in.
Itl be interesting to see if site usage drops off since this these adds have started being a nuisance.
At least it’s not as bad as the gazette wihich is pretty unusable
Problem with chrome on android not being able to close the whole page ad. Opera sorts it out but removes all the ads. Sorry Rob but as soon as the ads interfere with your service then you will lose traffic and therefore revenue.
I completely understand that adverts are required to fund the site. It's important to provide feedback however. The banner ads at the bottom of threads are blocking access to links back to the main forum.
I'm getting ads trying to sell me HundredRoom now. It's a pretty reasonable price too. I'm tempted.
Logged on for the first time in a few days after being greeted to a lovely ad for "easy local girls".

You happy with using this kind of advertising Rob?
Disgusting that. I've never had that one.
Ahem.....just in case I need to complain about it at some point can you remember that telephone number.

Please get rid of the banner adds at the bottom of the page which appear over the posts. I can live with the rest but not having to delete the bottom add on every page.