Ads again

Over the past week or so i seem to be getting full page ads when i click to open a thread. these are bloody annoying far more than little banners at the top of and bottom pf pages. Anyone else experiencing the same

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It is a once a session advert. Comes on screen when you log on - you refresh or click the X and then it won't come back until you log off and then on again - it practically earns me more than all the other adverts and will allow me to subsidise the site and the fanzine for the season. Please can I ask everyone to be patient. The ad firm I deal with has recently been taken over and am working with them to try and get the balance and technology right.
Glad it’s nit just me , it’s the worst it’s been . I couldn’t get rid of the full page add by clicking X I had to refresh once
It happens once at the start of the session - you press refresh - I have reported to the ads company that some of the ads are not closing properly. Blackpool site avftt has been using these adverts for several months. I resisted but I need to take more revenue from the site. But apologies the X will be fixed.
rob i have no issue with ads i can put up with the banners, but these full pagers are really the same as snide pop ups in that you have find the close button, really annoying i think it will put people off using the site or people will install ad blockers as they are so intrusive, so i think you need to get them stopped because they are not going to help you at all.
Never know when you might need a new clutch :D

It's bad on phones like
The new ad company is very good but based in USA - I have to wait until they get up on a morning - a few hours time. There are a few technical issues as you have seen. We need to wait until they wake up.
It happens to me, but its one ad, just click it off. Used to them now aren't we with different websites and that, and if it means Rob can keep the site free, keep us all here etc.

Be nice if they were half naked women, or something not related to my search history of league 1 players of the year, turbines and marske fixtures.
Just click the back button on a tablet and it disappears and you are left with the opened thread
I find them far more annoying than the little banner ads
I agree with Mr Elbow, they are annoying, it would not be so bad if they closed when you click on the 'X' but that doesn't work on my phone or IPad so I have to use the back button then start again.
Yes I have to use my back button and click on the link again as the ads won't close on my phone. But seeing as I just need to move my finger slightly a couple of times I don't really feel it's worth complaining about. I mean there's are worse things going on in the world than me having to move my finger slightly a couple of times.