Would you pay for X (Twitter)?

Definitely not.

Haven't been on it that long, so not going to miss it.

Trying to look at Threads more anyway. Bet Zuckerberg is rubbing his hands with news of his bezzie floating this idea.
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I use it regularly but I don't get heavily involved in conversations or tweet much myself, I haven't paid for a blue tick and I certainly wouldn't use it if I had to pay a subscription for it. I'm not that bothered really.
No, and i wouldn't mind if he does it as it would force me to delete my account. I use it to generally scroll for latest news / following match day results etc. However it's all over the place at the minute and my feed is just full of GB News / Tufton St shills spewing their rubbish.
I use it, but not enough where I'd want to pay. it'll be the death of that platform.

Loads of people have moved over to "Threads" anyway.
I'm on Twitter (refuse to call it X) a lot, mainly for sport news/updates.

However, I very much doubt I'll pay for a subscription if it goes that way. I think the large majority will leave too. Hopefully some other platform ends up becoming available.
Nope, my usage has dropped considerably anyway and this would force me to leave. I wouldn’t miss it.

Although Musk might just be bluffing to try and keep Twitter relevant, he likes a bit of gobsh!tery as with the removal of the block option which hasn’t occurred as yet.
I almost exclusively use it for football coverage, so it's not a huge loss to me if it does go under.

I wouldn't miss the idiotic comments from randomers from around the world.
I miss the time when replies to football tweets were actually interesting and not just the same repetitive sh*te from anonymous accounts calling something either a L or a W, overused memes or just laughing emojis.
No way would I pay for it. I hardly user it now having been a heavy user of it pre-covid. As soon as all this anti-vax stuff was swilling around I stayed off it.

Brexit arguments were fun tho.
Not a single penny, and I am a prolific tweeter.

Bluesky is almost ready to be opened to the masses, if he does charge it will just help Bluesky to become the norm for most people.
I deleted it a week or two after he took over, sometimes I go on a link on here and it's 50/50 if I can look at it or not
In principle it's a great idea but I wouldn't trust it the nearer we get to big elections.