Would you pay for X (Twitter)?

Musk is in the papers today stating he is going to put a paywall around X and charge all users, would you pay for it? I do have a Twitter account but very rarely go on to it unless there is a link from here or a text I have been sentG I don't follow anyone or browse Twitter so think I would use an online tool to bypass the paywall if there was something I wanted to read.

Good god, no. I'd be glad to see it paywalled and wither on the vine. It's a cesspit.
I've only really used it in the last couple of years and find it very useful for lower league fixture news. Especially postponements etc. If it still gave me the same coverage I probably would pay something but I suspect a lot of the users that I follow would move elsewhere and I'd be paying for a much poorer resource.
I’m currently refusing to update the app on my phone, so it’s still Twitter and not X. If Elon finds out he’ll be furious I’d imagine.

Once I’m forced to I’ll probably stop using it anyway.
Not a chance.

I actually hope he does it, just to help collapse it.

Awful person.
I know I could just press like but that's not enough to say how much I agree with it really really. Death to twitter.

Post one stupid opinion on twitter. Post one sensible opinion. The stupid opinion will obviously be the one most commented on. The dregs of society in this way become part of mainstream debate. The plug needs pulling on this cancerous app. Hopefully this chancer will torpedo it.

Sadly I think he just likes to have people talking about him and it's a load of hot air.
I logged out of the desktop version and deleted the app from my phone about two months ago and haven’t missed it. I actually did log back in a couple of weeks ago to read a DM and had a quick scroll, it could’ve been a feed from last time I used it - lots of political anger, right-wing rubbish from people and organisations I’ve blocked numerous times and a load of ‘promoted content’ I didn’t ask for and don’t want to engage with.

I don’t miss it. Instagram is next. I still have the app but constantly wonder why. The number of people you see mindlessly scrolling on these platforms on the train on the way to work is sort of mind-boggling when you think about it. All of this information on ourselves we’ve just given up to hyper-capitalists from Palo Alto, it’s mad. But definitely time to bow out for me.
Twitter was always destined to be a subs based app, and if I dare say many other apps will follow suit. Let's face it no matter what you download or even sit in you pay for with premium services. Airlines charge to sit in a so called premium seat, sports streaming sites charge for live events, as do movie channels etc. No need to do the maths, people are willing to subscribe/giveaway their hard-earned cash for the privilege of subscribing. In the end, it's your choice.
It’s a no from me, there’s enough opinionated, I’ll educated cranks on there already with me adding to the number.
I miss the time when replies to football tweets were actually interesting and not just the same repetitive sh*te from anonymous accounts calling something either a L or a W, overused memes or just laughing emojis.
Would XL be bad? Only asking because of my T-shirts and sweatshirts
Quite disgusting that one of the richest men wants to take away a free resource from the planet's population.
A harsh warning here that social media is not forever.
There are lots of other free resources. I don’t think we should play into his hands by letting it bother us. Everything Twitter provides can be found elsewhere. It’s his website, just as this one is yours. It’s his game, his rules etc.