Where do we stand on this?

Dear lord what woke nonsense - shame that they think 2000 mackems chanting we’re a bunch of pedos is fine and dandy
This is the law. One case I worked on in an old job some gadge was drunk in a hospital giving off all this racist abuse re black people. Proper 1970s stuff. The fella was only young must of learned it from his dad.
Anyway he got prosecuted for racist abuse because he called someone a Scottish ****. I asked why he was being prosecuted for this rather than all the other racist stuff and the prosecutor told me it was the most provable due to the witnesses available.
Your nationality is regarded as a protected characteristic, so it can be regarded as a hate crime.
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If we take this in context and look at it from this angle, On that lovely police program last night the Boozey session aka the christening where a mass brawl breaks out. 15 police units attend 4 arrests and not one charge brought to anyone. Then we have this here I am sorry its absolutely pathetic! Every football fan at some point in their lives has shouted something similar. Its a different rule for football now you can't fart without someone making a complaint.
As an English b*strd I wouldn’t be particularly offended, but if I heard him shout p*ck* / black b*std etc I’d be very offended and expect him to be banned. That seems to not be even handed, but I think the history of so much abuse towards ethnic groups other than my own makes it more feel much more, totally, wrong.
The issue isn't whether this incident was a racist hate crime, it was. The issue is that the law on hate crimes either isn't applied equally or isn't adequate.

I would assume that calling teessiders paedos isn't a hate crime as paedos are not a protected group so the police have to use other laws to prosecute that behaviour which may be harder.

In any event being a Pakistani can't be more protected than being English. And I say that as a Scotsman.
I might be in the minority here but I don't see it as racist - and I don't think the punishment is fair.

I can almost guarantee worse chants are made at every game up and down the country every week.

I remember an away game at Huddersfield a few years ago where hundreds of Boro fans were chanting "She's got chlamydia" at some 18 year old (possibly younger) Huddersfield fan.
This specific chant was wrong and I didn't agree with it, or partake.

I don't condone any form of real abuse - but I think there's a line - and for me... "English b*stards" doesn't cross that line.