The weekend beer and music thread 🍺 🇮🇪 ☘️


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There are two songs I'm not allowed to play in the house. Tears in Heaven - the wife crys. And Summertime, because my youngest finds in upsettingly hypnotic.

Hours and hours of practice, but no. Not here 😂

Are you thinking of rhapsody in blue?

I can't even play the play the intro
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No. And that is a fabulous piece of writing. It's Summertime. It's cyclical.


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Afternoon folks, the weekend is upon us once again but this week we have the pleasure of kicking if off with St Patrick's Day of course. Following the disappointing performance on Tuesday against Stoke, we shouldn't be too disheartend. It will likely still go right to the wire and so heopefully we can get 3 points against Preston tomorrow to get us right back in it again.

Being St Patrick's Day it would be wrong not to tuck into a Guinness so I think I might indulge in one or two of them this weekend as I'm sure a few of us will; in fact a question at the midweek pub quiz was how many pints of Guinness are drank around the world on St Patrick's Day and the answer was supposedly 13,000,000. That's an awful lot of happy folk around the world!

To get the music going, here's a truly classic track from The Pogues...

I was going to get some Guiness in then I saw right next to it some Brew Dog stout so I got that instead to try it out, and it's pretty much the same stuff.

Here's an old-tyme hillbilly song that I really wish had been covered by the Pogues in their heyday, I can just hear Shane McGowan smashing his way through this



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I went for a day of classical music, including this

which will be on Radio 3 on 2nd April, then to see Ruth Wilson reading a version of "Beowulf" with orchestral accompaniment. That will also be on Radio 3, but I don't know when. My word, but classical music can be a bit exhausting.
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