The Budget

This budget is class warfare, plain and simple. They know they can get away with anything now, we as a people will never revolt and hit the streets like many other countries citizens would do.

They've got 2 years to transfer as much wealth upwards as is humanly possible, which they'll do as they're well versed in it. They know they'll not win a majority at the next election so they now are just plain robbing us. This will continue up until they're kicked out. Charter cities are their end game and they're terrifying close to being able to put that dream into practice.
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As far as I’m aware you only get a refund if your bill is going to be over £2500k.
If you live alone or are just a couple you don’t gain.
My wife and I won’t gain and we have an old house with 4 bedrooms which needs a fair bit of heating.

In practice this means, again - I think, once you have paid £2500 the energy company won’t take any more off you.
Sorry that was for £400 rebate, they have sent me my new tarff which is 10.236p, up from 7.282. The 2.5k price cap is based on average use, your energy bill can still be over £2.5k. My gas bill alone is being predicted to be £3,182 a year, hence why they can whistle for anymore money out of me. I figure I’ll be around £800 in debt by the 1st March but I refuse to up my DD to cover this.
No, no that's good. Makes exports cheaper. Maybe we will be able to sell some to the EU after all :D

Makes imports more expensive leading to more inflation leading to higher interest rates leading to pain! Don't forget oil is priced in dollars as well so that will go up
Makes imports more expensive leading to more inflation leading to higher interest rates leading to pain! Don't forget oil is priced in dollars as well so that will go up
True but we can limit exports by eating less. Simples!
I’m actually pretty shocked and i’d even go so far to say petrified by what I’m reading regarding the mini-budget. I’m not savvy re financial or economics stuff at all, but it seems completely reckless and irresponsible and the markets would appear to be reacting as such.
We are desperate for a steady hand to guide us through these challenging times, not a bunch of incompetent gamblers, charlatans and thieves.
What the hell happened to us?! The Tories have completely destroyed one of the greatest countries in the world in a few short years.
This budget lays bare the naked self interest of the ruling class over the rest of us.
Paying the rich to get richer and making the poor and ordinary people pay for it, demonstrates the sheer arrogance of the few in positions of power and influence.
Battle lines have been drawn.
The Labour party is the other cheek of the same backside.
The campaigns to push back attacks on ordinary people has already begun - but we wont read about that in the "main stream media".
Time to fight back.
Even if people don't like Starmer I plead just hold your noses at the next election and get this lot out.
We could have stopped this lot getting in if people had just been sensible. Now we have to 'hold our noses'. What does that say about Starmer's Labour?

Are the BoE and the Govt not in conflict here? BoE trying to control inflation by taking money out of peoples pockets, the Govt is now loosening up taxation to put that money back in.

It would be far more valuable to me to get inflation under control and see the interest rates brought back down. We’re facing into a mortgage shock next year which is going to cost us an awful lot more than we’ve just gained through the mini-budget. Can imagine many others in the same boat.
Inflation isn't being caused by spending. The government know that. The BOE know that. The whole thing is a farcical charade. If it was another country we'd all be laughing.
Another dissembling Tory **** stain:

Here is the exchange between Kwasi Kwarteng, the chancellor, and the BBC’s Chris Mason.

MASON: Do you think the economy is in recession?

KWARTENG: Technically, the Bank of England said that there was a recession, I think it’ll be shallow and I hope that we can rebound and grow

MASON: So you’re acknowledging that there is going to be a recession

KWARTENG: I’m not acknowledging that, no no I said that there is technically a recession. We’ve had two quarters of very little, negative growth and I think these measures are gonna help us drive growth.

MASON: a recession is a recession and you’re saying we’re in recession

KWARTENG: I’m not saying we’re in recession, I’m referring to what the Bank has said. And I think we’re gonna drive growth with these policies

MASON: what’s the difference between a technical recession and a recession

KWARTENG: There’s a big difference. Technically, the economists say two consecutive quarters, but I think we’re going to grow the economy, that’s what we’re doing that’s what we’re focused on.