The Budget


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Just wow.

I know we were all worried how those with salaries over £150k a year were going to squeeze through this winter. Looks like Kwasi has put our minds at rest. Plus those poor city bankers. I was terrified for them.

I can sleep well tonight. Good on everyone who voted for the progressive Conservatives at the last election. As Kwasi said - 'For too long we have indulged in a fight over redistribution in this country'. Absolutely. Let the people with the gold encrusted cake not worry about having more golden spinkles.
Stealing everything that isn't nailed down for another two years before they're summarily thrown out on their arses.

It's the last throw of the dice isn't it?

If it all works they have a slim chance of staying in power.

If it all goes to crap they can tie Labours hands somewhat in their first term.

Either way they are gambling with OUR money and OUR futures. It is very irresponsible.
Aaaaaannnnnnndddd the pound is falling like a stone against the dollar after that. Insane. We're now the wet-dream of that "Britannia Unchained" bunch and the ERG.

Starmer now 8/11 to be the next prime minister.
You can bet 100% that they and their mates with their hedge funds are making an absolute killing with the £'s collapse. The markets hate this budget
Looks like 'casino economics' and all a bit desperate and ill thought out.
Just look at Sterling :oops:

As a business owner I guess I should be happy that corporation tax is staying at 19%.
Fortunately hard work and a little bit of luck means that we don't really need this saving.
I was more than happy to pay the 25%......though would be delighted to see many of our tax-dodging competitors do the same.
More concerned about consumer demand falling 40% for us this year and rapidly rising costs.

What I don't understand is this:
It is said that higher business taxes put off foreign investment into the UK.
So why on earth publish a 30% increase back in Spring 2021 only to not follow through with it?
Hasn't this just reduced foreign investment by threatening a cost increase then only to pull it away at the last minute?

All the pain, no gain????

I'd have left it at 25%. All extra cash to be put into a fighting fund for HMRC to go after the corporate cheats.
There's billions out there if we can just find the minerals to go after them.