The 9am figures not disclosed yet?

The UK took a little dip today, at 13 deaths. It may climb as the evening goes on but looking like an improvement at the moment.
The official figures are for 9am. There have been 12 in Scotland and Wales. There are no figures for England for 9am this morning.

There was one in NI so that's where 13 comes from with none reported for England.
83 in England yesterday. No announcement for England today.

"NHS England announced 83 deaths from COVID-19 on Tuesday and it will update its tally later on Wednesday."

This was in a story timed at 18:02 this evening on Sky.

I wonder why?
People on this thread seem very interested in the number of dead and conspiracy theory.

Apparently the experts are saying UK "deaths" will peak in 3 weeks time (as long as we do as we are told) - my understanding of that is the the count will go up daily until then.

We are in the sXXt like the rest of the world, is that not enough?
This is a daily report that NI, Wales and Scotland have reported, as they have every day, by early afternoon. England has not except to say it will later on Wednesday. If the death rate peaks in 3 weeks we really are in a dreadful mess, worse than any country in the world. Which expert told you that? Italy at least seems to have turned the corner. Spain, the US, possibly France, and us are the major concerns at the moment.
It's really a concern here in Spain, and now not just Madrid - spreading away from the capital and to the rest of the country, probably / possibly as people from Madrid fled the capital just before the lockdown was put in place 10 days ago - sound familiar ?

Another big rise in cases and deaths today - we can't even see the corner never mind turn it - can't see that there'll be any significant improvement for at least a week, possibly two

I fear the UK has got this to come, and worse, because of the continuing dithering. I hope I'm wrong
28 apparently now.

I wonder if they’re going to announce them later (after dark) from now on so that, if they DO come down temporarily, people don’t think “oh it’s down again, I can carry on as normal”.