Teesside politics

Well, well, well…

article in gazette tomorrow, houchen in a hard hat announcing he's created 200 jobs as a result of this investigation department and putting Teesside back on the map
Well, well, well…

The worms are turning
It sounds like a dirty mess.

I think the media articles linked above show the politics in play. In fact it would not be a surprise if the Tory Party press office wrote the one for the Evening Gazette.

Hints of big scale corruption with public money but no real clarity on the main issue which is basically private local businessmen allegedly being able to freely acquire valuable land and make eye watering profit from tax payers money without competition, transparency or personal investment.

At the same time a full on charm campaign talking very clearly about loads of jobs and inward investment and well, ‘that’s how you make these things happen isn’t it, gov?’

The worst thing is that because of deliberately confusing media reporting many of the local voters will not understand what is going on and how the world of corrupt development works but will fully understand the creation of jobs, and that is why they will continue to vote Tory.