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So the current government dig their heels in, won't let the NAO hold an inquiry.

But the media coverage has brought this to the nation's attention, gaining a lot of interest. So looks like it's not going away.

We just have to hope the Tories are ousted next year, Labour come in and.......let the NAO do their stuff.

Going to be a very, very uncomfortable 12 months for those involved 👍


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Stockton Council to announce next week that Labour will run the council in a pact with Ibis and TIA, meaning they have more seats than Tories + Independents, which is good news. Still baffles me that so many people voted for them.
Is this in the news anywhere? I'm still gobsmacked the Tories made so many gains

Jonny Ingbar

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Hmm. Northern Echo seems to have binned Houtchen.

"Mayor Ben Houchen, who vehemently denies any wrong-doing, deserves his day in court to answer the allegations, and the project, into which big name companies are being asked to pour millions of pounds, needs to have its probity assured."

In court as witness or defendant?

Two inconclusive allegations is not a good look for the Tees Valley

I know there were strong links between the NE and Houchen and I'm not aware of this changing.

This suggests it may be starting to however, let's hope so.


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Rishi may have guaranteed the investigation

He said one has been launched. If it hasn’t he’s misled the house so he’ll likely go ahead so he hasn’t misled ha


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basically because fishy said there was an investigation they are setting a new dept in haste so that he doesn’t mislead parliament

You couldn’t make it up