Teesside politics

Stockton Council to announce next week that Labour will run the council in a pact with Ibis and TIA, meaning they have more seats than Tories + Independents, which is good news. Still baffles me that so many people voted for them.

'We've seen no evidence of corruption, illegality or wrongdoing'

Remember when the Conservative Brexit Government also said they had seen no evidence of Russian interference in the Brexit referendum?

They were telling the truth that they hadn't seen any evidence, but that was because they refused to order the Intelligence and security services to look, not that Russia hadn't interfered, which indeed it had.
So lets get this clear,

'Weeks ago' Ben Houchen asks the National Audit Office (NAO) to undertake an audit on the financial arrangements around STDC and Teesworks, yesterday he revealed that the audit had not been carried out as if fell outside of the NOA remit and asked if the parameters could be changed so an audit could take place.

Today Simon Clarke claims that an NOA audit took place and cleared Houchen and Co of any wrongdoing, so either Houchen is telling fibs or Clarke is being economical with the truth but there's no way that one of them isn't lying, would Clarke be guilty of misleading Parliament if this is the case ?

The underlying issue is when people on the same side start contradicting and conflicting each other then one can't help but feel that the truth is unpalatable and there's something to hide or that if they haven't got the competency to at least be consistent on their story how can anyone expect proficiency from them in anything else.

Through all this Steve Turner is still failing to deliver as a PCC and the government continue to be hamstrung by internal division as Braverman yet again fails to read the room blinded by her misplaced ambition.
Gazette finally getting on board?

Cleveland Police confirms it is not investigating Teesworks amid corruption allegations

They have even allowed comments.
One is defending Houtchen's Newsnight interview saying that Teesworks are liable for a £107 million loan, so that shows they have put something in. Ok, so what collateral have they put up against that loan? Would it be all the land and the remaining scrap metal that they were given for nothing by Houtchen?