Still booing the taking the knee

I thought it was quieter today.

Those doing it, for whatever reason, will get the message that many will consider them racist for doing it.

If they're ok with that, and recognize that about themselves, they'll keep doing it.

If they have a message other than "I oppose anti-racism", they'll find a better way of getting their message across.

The ball is in their court.
So what , how long does it go on for . I get it but jeez it's getting tedious

It is tedious isn't it?
Decent white folk being subjected to this ridiculous notion that black people are our equals, and have the temerity to take some direct action to prove it!
These people should know their place, we very kindly have let them play for our football teams and do all the jobs that have kept this country running for the last 70 odd years, but they've started getting all uppity and entitled. A 3 second gesture, that causes great inconvenience for the pifflingly trivial matter of "racial equality".
I'm being sarcastic in case anyones not sure by the way.😵‍💫