Middlesbrough v Bournemouth Allowed 1000 fans


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Another ballot...........this one will be like winning the lottery.....will it be gold card holders only or will everyone go in the hat?


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I'm pleasantly surprised by that news. I didn't think anyone was going to be in the Riverside for a long time yet.


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This is great news though, hope I get selected.

Though as above, I'd not be shocked if they restricted it to gold cards.


I think there is likely to be an open ballot of all season card holders.
Or simply first come first served from all season card holders.


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Wednesday now, 72 hours or so to kick off. (edited because I can't count!!!)

Does anyone think MFC are capable of selecting (by whatever means) and informing a 1000 people they can go to the match in that time?

Unless of course they've already chosen the lucky ones!
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Heard this read out on the radio and celebrated it like a goal. After the news last week I thought it'd be a long time till we saw any fans at the Riverside. Good luck to those in the pot for a ticket!


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I don't think fans should be allowed in yet no matter how distanced, we are seeing a massive upsurge in COVID19 infection rates, have we forgotten the horrors of this disease and the risk we put our key workers in, it's just a game of football.