Middlesbrough v Bournemouth Allowed 1000 fans


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Not having a go at you, but with a very limited number of tickets, this is what was wrong with the system. It should have been one ticket per connection. It's not as if you could sit together at the match
What was wrong with the system was that people were getting through to the ticket selection page to find that no tickets were available (I suspect there were, but the page had to be repeatedly refreshed to see them). I do not believe that this was down to some 'Boro superfan elite conspiracy' (consider yourself cleared of all charges Rob;)) but rather the usual vagaries/inadequacies of MFCs on-line ticketing process.:rolleyes:


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And fans who got tickets for this match shouldn't go in the pot for the next match and so on
They'd be daft not to let us back in for the next match, we've already been inducted and know the new rules. Just up it to 2500 next game, another 1500 and that gets ther club and it's stewards used to a steady increase.
Okay then. Up the tickets available but still don't let the last lot in until everyone has been to a game who want to go. That way everybody gets a chance


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Could get away with 1,000 in each stand but it would have to be a staggered dispersal then there is the problem of the tunnel, not sure how that would work.