Mcgree surely the question has to asked now

He was poor when he came on against QPR. I'm surprised he isn't playing but I'm not sure it's such a big mystery.
Lad at work overheard a lad in his gym saying he had a falling out with woodgate in training and that is why he is out. :poop::poop::poop:

We agreed that is unlikely
O'Brien's inclusion in the role came as Carrick didn't feel McGree or Sammy Silvera were ready to start after travelling from the USA where they had been with Australia on international duty. But Boro did have alternative attacking options in Isaiah Jones, Sam Greenwood and Morgan Rogers who could have also played the role.

So it was influenced by his traveling.
McGree was picked and started at WBA, he was our worst player that day by a country mile, often leaving his left hand side, chasing the ball like a school kid. was surprised he made the start of the 2nd half, but was rightly hooked by Carrick 10 mins later.
He hasn't started since, it's not an issue , if he gets another start, then he must improve from that game.

Come off it there were worse players than him on the pitch that day, Engel, Rogers and Hackney for a start.

You can't say it's down to performances when Carrick won't stop picking Fry, Howson, Hackney and Silvera.
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