India v England 4th Test


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Alarming news coming out of India.

Huge cracks in the pitch in Ranchi apparently. Could be all over in 2 days.

So thats India to win the toss.
You can worry about both Armageddon and a troublesome wicket.
Exactly. I fear BB may well have missed a bit of tongue in cheek language in the opening post but in any case I shall be flying off to India next week for the 5th test and he will be warmed to know I will still be worried about Gaza whilst doing so.
England 61-3 after being 42-0.

Akash Deep 3 wickets on Debut. Bowled Crawley off a no ball early on too.

The ball has been nipping around this morning. Whether it’s first morning movement or the cracks, we will wait and see. But there’ll be plenty in the pitch looking at it.

200+ might not be the worst first innings total.
Crawley could do nowt about that.
Jagged back massively AND kept low.
An awful awful wicket.
Missed a straight one.
A really shyte shot.
Agreed. He’s making a habit of of getting starts and getting out. Looked so comfortable and then plays a shot that needs to be put in the locker on this pitch.

He’s been crap since he returned from his broken leg.
It just about went through to him on the deck! Nothing at all you can do with balls like that. Ridiculous on a first morning wicket.
Yeah, it’s India though. Pinnacle of cricket and they prepare a pitch that’d barely pass club cricket standards.

Hopefully we can push up to 200. That’d be competitive. First innings runs are crucial here.