It looked the same as the Forss penalty, Long gets marginally ahead & then moves in front of Smith to initiate contact and goes down.

The only differences are Smith had fallen over at that point & Steffen was gathering the ball, but still a penalty to me.
Look at the positioning of smith and the reading player, smith takes his legs from behind when he’s about to pull the trigger, it was a penalty and a red all day long. We got away with one.
Long penalty......50/50. See them given, see players get away with it. Long had lost control of the ball - no chance he was going to get a meaningful shot in - Smith was slipping and looked like Long started to lose his footing before Smith touched him. Refs view was the ball had gone and the players collided. Smith probably in the "slightly lucky" category. On another day.....🤷🏻‍♂️

Totally different to Forss - he knocked the ball past the defender and the defender played him, not the ball. And you can usually judge if it was a penna by the players reaction (unless they play for Arsenal). Yesterday the defender just trudged away saying nothing. He knew.
Even with 10 men we'd have won the game - it's just sour grapes from him.

What happened when their keeper dived on the ball and slid out of the penalty box? Did he manage to let go of it by the time he was out of his box? I didn't have a great view of it.
In the ground it was a stone wall sending off.. handled outside of the box.

In the pub everyone who saw the replay said it was fine.. no sending off.
smith takes his legs from behind when he’s about to pull the trigger
Just gone through the highlights & after Smith goes down, does he even make contact with Long?

In the ground it was a stone wall sending off.. handled outside of the box.

In the pub everyone who saw the replay said it was fine.. no sending off.
The camera angle isn't the best & so you can't tell if the ball left the box in his control from TV.
Yes and If my auntie had balls…

Look it wasn’t given so nothing to discuss.

Ince is just bitter
Nothing to discuss? Apart from whether it should have been given.
We always discuss that sort of stuff (including you normally).
It's important 🙂
It was definitely inside the box when he had his hand on it and mcgree kicked the ball from his hand
I have watched it again and the camera does not show the moment it is over the line, the keeper pulls it back but it is not seen due to his body in the way. I sit in west stand upper and I could clearly see the ball was over the line. But I could not be 100% sure that all of the ball was over. A tough call for a ref to make but the video does not show it.
There is a strong argument that the initial foul was by long . Smith is ahead of him and he comes through the back of smith unbalancing him, causing him to fall. That’s before the contact with longs ankle


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Makes up for Sunderland doesn't it.
There were four penalty shouts yesterday. None of which are clear cut. On top of that there were 4 possible red cards, again all contentious.

Which is why VAR is a complete waste of time. Thank goodness we don't have it in the championship.

Decisions are rarely clear cut despite multiple viewings on television, yet are still changed frequently. (Clear and obvious my ****).

And things even themselves out. It's amusing to see people who continually claim bias on behalf of referees trying to shut down debate when we get one going for us. :D

The trick is to just enjoy the football. If refereeing decisions go against you or for you it's just down to luck. And luck has always been one of the biggest factors in whether you are successful or not.

And it's far easier to enjoy the football if you know that what you are watching and reacting to won't be called back and erased from existence.

I don't see many people on the board complaining that they haven't been able to enjoy the win as it wasn't fairly earned.
I don’t think “last man” was ever the rule? Unless that was the case when first introduced. I think that’s something commentators continuously reference which doesn’t help.

The rule is “denying a goal scoring opportunity”.

But if it’s in the penalty area double jeopardy comes into play. That’s the new rule.

So you only send the man off if he’s made no attempt to play the ball when making the foul.

I think that would have been the case with Smith. I don’t think he can win the ball and he’s just trying to make it difficult for Long but ends up fouling him. Therefore a red for me.
Just goes to show, we all have different views.

I personally thought it was a tussle, so even if it was given as a foul it was defo 'on the ball' their player did not have the ball.

Not that it matters.
Great player for us and I wish him well.
But the only way his team can prove him right is by winning the next game.
i hope they do.
I hope Reading win 6-0 against whoever it is they are playing.
Hopefully they do. It’s Sheffield United up next for them.
Some good word speak by Ince probably because the team has the points deduction hanging over its head. Moreover he has to rally his troops for Tuesday’s match up with another playoff contender, so it makes sense that he tries to gain a victory out of a defeat.
He kinda misses the point that we could and should have been 3-0 up in the first half before their possible penalty. They were abysmal and even if they'd scored that goal, I don't think it would have affected the end result (maybe 5-1 instead).
Very little will be 100% correct particularly as some offences allow subjectivity. That said, the system is designed to deliver a higher % correct than just the officials on their own, and I think on that front it's undeniably effective.
I think if that decision had gone against us I would have been very disappointed. Looked a pen to me and then a sending off.