If we sack Carrick and appoint a new manager before the international break.....


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That's 12 permanent managers inside 14 years*.

Should we stop viewing managers as long term things and just accept that we will change every year or two, in the same way you bring in consultants at work and bin them off when you need a different skillset? To be fair, 80 out of the 92 current PL & EFL managers have been in charge for less than 3 years.

Is this just the world we live in now? Change managers every time the going gets tough, maximise 'new manager bounce' potential? Shall we stop getting attached to them?

*including Agnew who was given a short-term contract but whom Gibson went on record as saying he hoped 'would still be manager in 3 years'.
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I don't want Carrick sacked. What he did last season was nothing short of incredible after Wilder's tenure. The loan players we lost were big shoes to fill. Keiran's mandate is to bring in good players that aren't established already so wont' have massive fees associated with them. The squad is being shaped in a way that the players can grow together as a core unit with some loans where we can't find a permanent equivalent.

I want this squad to do well, I want this method to work and for us to have our own Class of 92. It will take time. We aren't playing badly, but square pegs round holes, Carrick is still figuring things out with this team. If we survive the championship this season, I don't expect huge changes in the summer, rather more recruitment to enhance what is there already.

Its mid September and we are bottom which sucks, but I can see a good team in there, they just need a bit more nous.

I refuse to write things off right now, but a lot of people are expecting a repeat of last season when we don't have the same players, which was just never realistic.
I think Carrick is the one where I’ve finally learned not to get too attached to an individual manager or head coach. It’s only taken 32 years of supporting Boro to reach that conclusion.

As I said yesterday, if he doesn’t win a couple of the next 6 or 7 he’ll probably be gone and replaced by the next bloke, who will shepherd us into the top half before we do it all again next October.
Why would he walk? How often do managers walk these days? No chance he does that.
Managers rarely walk because of the severance pay-out but I can't see how long Carrick's deal is anyway?

I don't think he'll walk before he's turned it around. Who knows, maybe if he got us up until safety then decided he couldn't achieve anything better next year?
There's a lot of talk of unrest within the clubs and/or squad. Something is going on, and McGree appears to be central to it. If there is any truth in it, it will only go one way
There's a time when I'd have said 'these rumours always surface when the chips are down', but in my hearts of hearts I know that they usually turn out to be true eventually. And why else would McGree keep being overlooked?
This time last year people were saying they hoped we stayed up. How did we go from that to chasing down the automatic promotion places in six months? It’s just football. We’ve seen other clubs do it and last year was probably just our turn. And this division is absolutely mental. You’re basically not out of contention for promotion until Easter. The gulf in quality between about 19 of the teams is so small that if you can string a few wins together you’ll be up there before you know it.
Carrick won’t be sacked…

He might walk though, and who could blame him as he’s been totally shafted and his reputation is being trashed.

Sad really
Don't think he will walk tbh.

His upbringing at Man U has given him a very, very tough mental attitude. Had to have it or he wouldn't have lasted 5 mins under Fergie.

And (at present) I don't think his reputation is being trashed. He has to take responsibility for where we are - that's his job - but it's not all his fault is it? Losing best part of £50m worth of talent and replacing them with punts (yes, that was spelled correctly.....) was always going down the hit and hope route.

We are not Brighton where we lose a player for £50-60-100m and have the system in place to get the next one in. They are 5-6 years in. We are 1.

So you have to look at the big picture and see what's going on. Think most fans see this, other teams fans - looking in from the outside - are bemused at what's happening.

Patience......but will he get time or will Gibson stick his head above the parapet and produce another genius d*ckhead decision?

"Beware the ides of Mar........ October"

He won’t put up with this much longer

We sold our top striker from under
Him and never replaced him
Carrick knows the score. We can’t turn that amount of money down for a one season wonder with one year left on his contract.

The changes to the team have been forced through injury.. some have been very last minute. Only takes one straw to be pulled for the marbles to fall.

He’s young and he’ll make mistakes.. not every responds to quiet and methodical.. certain players need a kick up the ****.

If we go 3-5-2 with the players available we should be able to outclass Sheff Wed and get 3 points in the table.
Its the nature of the league. In 6 months it could all change again.
Maybe, and I agree it is a cut and thrust league, but to have fallen so sharply off a cliff in such a short space of time is not the norm for this league. It appears that our problems started at the back end of last season and have just manifested to what we are seeing now. We are in free fall and its really difficult to get out of. We don't have any new ideas to change it and are just hoping that something clicks. I want Carrick to stay, because he has shown that he can be a good manager playing good football, but ultimately it will be him that is changed and we are no further forward as a club with a load of players a new manager doesn't want.