How many coffees do you have a day?

How many coffees a day?

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    Votes: 63 60.6%
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I have a ridiculous amount. I have a couple of coffees and a pre workout drink (which has 300mg caffeine in) and that’s just on the morning. I also have an addiction to iced coffee. I’m surprised my heart hasn’t exploded yet.
Only have it if a can find a really good coffee shop - not the terrible Costa Starbucks etc, but a quirky little independent outlet somewhere.
Occasionally have a Latte before work in an effort to get myself to like coffee before my honeymoon, it's semi-successful so far.

It's all tea at home, and I drink a lot of it.
The "number of coffees" is not always the greatest measure for me.

I'm coffee obsessed and will make about a litre of pour over coffee each day I'm at home (2-3 300-500g pots).

it is pretty much all I drink.

Love it, In all the different ways it comes.
Up to the start of my holiday on the 16th, I had gone six weeks with just drinking water, absolutely nothing else. The biggest craving I had in that time was for coffee not alcohol. I reckon I have 7 or 8 cups a day with 2 at least being large machine made, It's definitely an addiction.
I wasn’t including decaf in my total… usually have a couple of them on an evening if I’m not drinking proper grown up drinks 🍺

I’m a recent convert to oat milk in my lattes as well, lovely creamy texture. I’ve become a proper tofu eating, guardian reading, lefty hipster… I blame this place!
Usually 4 black coffees a day. Lots of water though. I usually drink 3 litres of that a day.
When I'm at home 1 most days. Normally after lunch or in the afternoon. 2 on the odd day. 2 massive cups of tea every morning, with then after my breakfast.

If I'm at work probably 4 or 5 coffees a day 🙅