Good band names you have seen


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I was in a band called 'Burst Spaniard' for about three weeks when I was a teenager before I'd really learnt how to play. Terrible name for a terrible band so it suited us pretty well.

Artie Fufkin

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Old colleague of mine is in a stiff little fingers tribute band called rigid digits which I've always thought was a clever name. Decent band too, great for a pub night out

I was very briefly in a band (about 2 weeks!) called the unstable tables after the table we always had in the linny which was permanently propped up with several beer mats. We only formed because we thought it was a good name and the name was by far more impressive than our musical ability. That says a lot about our musical 'ability' 😆


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I always thoughts one of the funniest lines in The Royale Family was when Antony announced he was in a band called No Exit, after everybody stopped laughing and said it was a stupid name, he said, aah but our name will always be up in lights.


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L7 was a good one.

I always like Martha as a band name. And they were (are?) from Pity Me too!


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A few of us were trying in the late 70's but it never happened. The band name was going to be...

With Gusset

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There was a crap death metal band at my sixth form with the worst and most cringeworthy and vomit inducing band name in history. They called themselves 'Orifice Kiss'. Doesn't even sound very death metal. Just sounds pretty stomach churning. They did have one decent song though called 'I want to f*ck you when you're dead'.
I always thought the lyrics ‘Space Monkey Mafia’ from We Didn’t Start The Fire would be a good name for a band. Then years later I found out there was a band called Monkey Mafia and wondered if they’d had a similar idea to me. In fact, I might go and Google it to see if their name has owt to do with the song.