Goalscrounger's 30 Day Music Challenge Comedown Phase 2


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So you knew this was coming...I hope you've been thinking hard already......this one has tormented me!

I am going to give you UNTIL FRIDAY NIGHT to post ONE TRACK ONLY for a premium Spotify playlist (impossible to choose, I know!)......think carefully here, don't rush in and don't waste your pick!

Your track for phase two should be your favourite 80s song.



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My choice will change as soon as I walk away from PC but I was disappointed that I couldn't use this for 70's (as it was released 1981) so I will go with this.

The Cure - Charlotte Sometimes.

EDIT: never even got this posted before I changed my mind to New Order. Got to be this version though.

New Order - Temptation

Both were a consideration of mine


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Oh man, this is impossible! I could list 20 and change them everyday for a week without nailing it down. But here goes, for whatever reason this got to me at the time and hasn't stopped since. Superb songwriter...