Goalscrounger's 30 Day Music Challenge Comedown Phase 2


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So you knew this was coming...I hope you've been thinking hard already......this one has tormented me!

I am going to give you UNTIL FRIDAY NIGHT to post ONE TRACK ONLY for a premium Spotify playlist (impossible to choose, I know!)......think carefully here, don't rush in and don't waste your pick!

Your track for phase two should be your favourite 80s song.

Hopefully we'll go back in time to the 60s - the golden era of music!


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GS you are becoming a pain. Now I have to go through this anguish all over again - I've only just recovered from the 70s. And the longer I wait the worse it will get, so let's do it straight away. How many rock stars come from Chapel-en-le-Frith?
If it makes you feel any better....this one really hurts me too....and Forest Fire was in my top 5 so thank you for choosing it!