Fuel shortage


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Don't panic is like saying don't think about a pink elephant. We automatically do the opposite.

I filled up this morning just to be safe, but had to go to the garage anyway and am driving a 600 mile round trip this weekend...
They know what they need to do but won't as they'd rather watch the country go to the dogs than admit that Brexit was a bad idea that they have handled badly .


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I've passed 3 fuel stations and all rammed. The point is they said yesterday that BP have shut a few smaller forecourts but still more than enough fuel.

The very second I read that I thought 'everyone is going to panic buy'. They simply didn't need to a say anything and everything would be as normal.

The moment you say 'don't panic buy' people do. You could do a social experiment and say 'Stella is running low' and everyone would stock up'.

It f*cking winds me up. These are probably the very same selfish loons who bought 30 packets of bog rolls or cleaned out the pasta during lockdown😕

I don't care if its brexit or covid related. Just stop being selfish f*ckers and get fuel when you actually need it.


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You'd have thought these morons ruining our country woul have had a little bit of nous to understand their actions telling the nation not to panic buy.....haven't they got anything between their ears to realise what the consequences would be.....maybe not from this bunch...🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡


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Totally agree the 'experts' have brainwashed people into panic buying of fuel. The northeast has nothing to fear, ships bringing in at normal rate, storage tanks have plenty and fuel delivery tankers going out as normal.


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In Essex where I am, I went to 3 petrol stations, 2 of them gridlocked and basically closing down roads, the other was out of fuel. My Mrs rang her parents to see if the stations near them where any better and they had been to a few petrol stations and only managed to find 1 with petrol but a long queue. I was supposed to be picking up my kids today to meet there new baby brother for the 1st time, but can't as I can't get the petrol. Absolute madness.


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Away in Roslin in the motorhome atm, with less than half a tank. Due to come home tomorrow but I'm buggered if I'm driving out of town right now to fill up just in case a load of panicked morons have gone shrieking to fill up. Be awful if we had to wild camp an extra night or two... ;)


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I've got about 40 miles left in the tank and really do need to get some diesel, oh well. The Mrs said she was going to fill up on the way home from work, doubt that'll happen if idiots are queuing up the street to panic buy.