Eng NZ test 3


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At what point, in the fraction of second as the ball is flying down does Root think, yeah, I'm going to do everything backwards?


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really enjoyed watching all the games. not just the entertainment - but the friendly yet ultra competitiveness, respect shown to the rules & officials, and the crowd enjoyment & atmosphere. is making me question my lifelong addiction to football to be honest, despite being a beautiful game, its got a lot of fooking irritating baggage......


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Was reading in our press earlier today, they reckon we would set 300to win, England would get it with 5 wickets to spare .

Reckon they won’t be far wrong tbh.


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Really poor bowling by Bracewell. NZ needed him to tie one end down so they could rotate the seamers at the other end.


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b***ks... been trying for 45 minutes on the site and says tickets avalable but they aren;t!


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looking at the forecast, it's very possible play won't start until about 14:00... though enough time to chase the runs needed..
The whole series has been absolutely incredible and a real advert for test cricket. The way Stokes has set the team up and timed the bowling has been a breath of fresh air, alongside some amazing performances by Bairstow, Root and Pope. Props to Jack Leach who has been brilliant in this last test also. It's just had everything, some excellent batting and a real gung ho attitude which has been really entertaining to watch. Some of the new lads coming in have had a great start to their test careers too, particularly Matty Potts. I was gutted for Overton too, what a debut he had.

Can't wait for India.


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Loved one of the comments on the bbc text it said something like, this attacking cricket is great but I’m not sure it’s doing our bowlers any good as they never get a rest 😁