Do you listen to music your parents listen/listened to?


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It's bizarre but as I've got older I listen more and more to music my parents listened to. Not sure why, maybe going through a period of missing them both..who knows?
Interestingly though it's been a lovely journey down memory lane. Currently listening to Perry Como and finally understanding why my dad listened to him so much. Throw in some Brat pack, Patsy Cline, Jim Reeves and we have a lovely mix of fantastic musical memories.
Happy weekend everyone, may your glass stay half full for the duration.


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I think it's a natural progression. I was brought up on Patsy, Roy Orbison and Connie Francis. Depending on the mood and remembering my parents at parties when I was younger it gives you a warm feeling of days gone by.

Off to see Still Little Fingers next week mind.


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Definitely not. Father liked country and western music, full of pedal steel guitars which I still loathe. Mother got all misty eyed about bland balladeers like Andy Williams. Certain songs still make me grind my teeth even after 50 years.


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A little, my dad was in to The Beatles and Floyd which I of course listen to, but he also had liking for things like War of the Worlds and Mike Oldfield, which I have never been able to listen to, along with Captain bl00dy Beefheart and his Magic band.

My mum was more traditional, liking things such as Billy Joel and Tina Turner, the former I like and listen to, the latter makes me wish I had long fingernails so I could scratch them down a blackboard!!!!


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My Nan was into Gospel and Sankey and my Mam was into the shows like West Side Story.
My Great Grandad was into Military bands.
As a very young lad - I listened to my neighbours 78`s which included Ted Heath Band and Benny Goodman.
Still like Jazz - but got into rock music with Who`s Next in 1971
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Dad was always playing his 8 track in his Triumph 2.5PI on the way to the away Boro games. Thats when I got introduced to TRex, Glen Campbell, The Who and The Doors. In fact I still have those old tapes in the loft but obviously cant play them now.


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Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, Buddy, Holly, Nina Simone, Pink Floyd, Simon & Garfunkel, The Stones, The Kinks, The Hollies, Etta James, Glenn Campbell...and on and on...

So yep!