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Circumstances with the missus mean that I have to go out and buy blobs if we're to have any fun.

I feel like I'm 17 again. I hope the checkout person in Tesco doesn't give me 'that' look o_O:whistle:


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Go to the machine in the pub, actually if you do, linked to the cashless debate, let us know the payment options...
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Make sure you have a trolley full of other shopping hide them on the conveyor under some other products look the other way as it scanned through especially if the check out girl is pretty put it in your bag.


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I still feel 'weird' buying them. I'm sure most folk couldn't care less. You see various shapes / sizes and lubes in tesco.

Think it's just my generation and the stigma of sweating trying to buy them.

All men can relate to the moment of horror as you go to a male manned checkout and he 'hands over' to a fit teenage girl as you have a packet of Johnny's in a basket😂😂 (also see the same when buying jizz mags back in the day).

I once bought a copy of 'Asian babes' to be served by an Indian lady.... F*ck my life!! 😂


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Just put a sock over it or better still have the snip. You'll have to knock out a few yourself afterwards mind just to prove you're seedless.