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No need for contraception in my household. With a 5 year old and a 20 month old in the house to run around after and me and t'other half working from home too, sex is something that can only occur when the holy trinity of energy, desire and opportunity align. 99% of the time we only have two of the bloody three! 😝

I know this feeling. We got rid of our 8 month old the other week to the grandparents, went out for a nice meal and a date night, was fully rearing to go. Ended up coming home knackered and passed out.


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I've got to be a jaffa, never had so much as a scare in god knows how many reckless instances over however many years and I can't effin stand the things.

They said watch out when you move to Vietnam, the condoms are smaller. I thought surely they're not really smaller, bollox. They most certainly are, impossible to wear if you're average or anywhere beyond, to the point western imported jonnys have their own market within the 'expat' community.