Box office premier league games

What a disgrace they are. Bleeding money out of honest fans
only 2 months ago talk of putting games on free because of the pandemic and fans can’t watch their beloved team
They go from offering some games for free on bbc to feck em’. Charge the feckers £14.95 to watch.
Beyond greedy bar-stewards.
Ruining the game and they have zero awareness of this.
as people fall out of work etc etc
Even if Boro were premier league and ‘chosen’ then, out of principle I wouldn’t touch a box office access payment. Ever
Don't really see why it's disgraceful, the games weren't on TV previously, all it's doing is giving an option to pay to watch games that otherwise wouldn't be televised. There's certainly no value for money in paying 14.95 for a match on TV so I assume most won't bother with it but it's not disgraceful or 'the death of football' like I've seen some people saying.
The other thing to say is ; every single fan who isn’t considered in this imaginary’top elite 6’ clubs should be cheering on the mother team playing the top 6 team to get a result and ruin their elitist dream.
Elitism needs stamping out in every walk of life.
The Daily Mail are reporting that it isn't going very well so far and that BT and Sky might actually lose money from the cost of showing the games.
Newcastle and Man Utd fan groups set up pages to donate £14.95 to a local foodbank which was a nice touch, don't know how much they raised .