Bob Mortimer wins book prize for debut novel

The characters are itineration's of himself, and that includes the female ones! It's easy and enjoyable to ready & funny. Mrs Steer is not really a fan of Bob, but she loved the book.
Speaking as someone who loves Bob... it's a good story and I rattled through it (a good sign), but yes it is very Bob and I've given that caveat when recommending it to people.
echo the above, good read, very Bob in style, bits of Bob in the characters but all in a well written novel and easy to read.
I love Bob Mortimer and really enjoyed his autobiography, but I just couldn't get into this book. might give it another go during some time off over Christmas
smashing read ... my son bought it for me for fathers day and left it in my UK bedside table when I came back for 3 months in July ... lovely touch from a super human ..... rattled through it
Breaking news from Loughborough Waterstones (for me anyhow). The Hotel Avocado.


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