Arctic Monkeys Playing the Riverside Next Summer

Many more bands of this standing are to follow. Take That, The Killers, Arctic Monkeys all use the same UK promotional company and they are said to be absolutely over the moon with the setup we have here for stadium shows.

I got tipped off about this about 6 months ago by a mate who is close mates with someone high up in the commercial department. I was sworn to secrecy however 🤷🏻‍♂️
No love for Favourite Worst Nightmare?
I like all their albums to be honest, they all have their own flavour and mood. The first is one of the weaker complete albums, some great lead tracks, but some weaker songs as they were learning on the job.

It's cool to knock TBHAC but lyrics are great with that dry wit, the basslines are superb on almost every track, some great keys and guitar, and thematically it hangs together well. OK, it's a totally different vibe to WPSIATWIN but it'd be boring to just create a second rate knock off of a previous album.