Anyone think houchen will get back in?

The Conservative brand at the moment is toxic so both Houchen and Turner are trying to distance themselves from central government, both have said ignore Westminster and concentrate on local issues, which is a cowardly and disingenuous tactic given that neither have resigned from the Party who they are trying to disassociate themselves from and the part, especially in Houchen's case, they have played in creating the mistrust and toxicity surrounding the Tories.

Houchen's campaign is based around the twin misconception's that the airport and freeport are essential and that Labour have done nothing for the area, both of which are blatantly untrue.

I've yet to read a coherent defence of Houchen's time as Mayor, as every metric he relies on shows failure or mismanagement, he talks of job creation yet there are slightly fewer jobs in DTV than when he took over, he has a budget almost double that of the combined local Council's in his area and has borrowed half a billion pounds during his tenure but says that Council's cannot be trusted with managing finance, the Airport is subsidised to the tune of millions a year whilst bus routes that many people rely upon daily are axed due to being 'unaffordable', and on top of that you have the absolute shambles that is the Freeport, built on a lie and continuing through dishonesty, secrecy and cronyism.

The problem is that the truth is called talking the area down, if Houchen doesn't get re-elected he has threatened to take his ball away in an act of typical childlike petulance, and many of his supporters are now cultists who believe he can do no wrong, other Parties need to be more proactive in promoting their candidates and be clear on what they are going to do for the area, to show that politicians are not all the same, sure be critical of Houchen's many mistakes but offer something irresistible in return.
A mini Trump.

An article in the Times about the issue, fairly condescending towards the people around here, but it's a sign the cracks are showing.

There's a link to an archived version of the article that isn't paywalled.
I mentioned to pcc turner on stockton politics facebook group , which he is flooding with campaign info that no where does he mention hes a tory, also the stuff about houchan ditto, he didnt reply .
If that group is anything to go by houchan will win.
Sadly I have already said apathy and misdirection will be the winner with Houchen controlling the press narrative and simply suppressing or denying actual facts about his shocking stewardship as mayor. - like burning £5m of public money on ridiculous legal costs. Get your McEwan posters up in your windows and stakes in the garden to try and promote Chris against the Houchen press machine.
If as expected Lord Bent is returned as Mayor I sincerely hope a Labour Government on day one Initiates a NAO investigation into Teesworks and pushes through any resulting action the report demands.
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An article in the Times about the issue, fairly condescending towards the people around here, but it's a sign the cracks are showing.

There's a link to an archived version of the article that isn't paywalled.
"A withering McDonald called this a “political education” issue. That’s dangerously close to saying that Teesiders are too thick to understand the allegations that have been made against Houchen. It must frustrate Labour. They want to campaign on issues of trust and transparency, when many voters here remain wedded to the idea that politics is about being given free things by politicians."

The journalist could do with learning that there is not one but two s's in Teesside but this, right here, is why Houchen will win it.
Just stumbled across this : How Teesside became Ground Zero for waste burning .... is this common knowledge locally??

They are energy from waste facilities, not incinerators. They exist all over the country and take waste from various sources and locations which otherwise would go to landfill. It's not unique to Teesside.

Many regions don't have the infrastructure to operate them (mainly the grid connections), which is why they are often in clusters, with some serving other local authorities.