After Life - Series 3


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4 episodes in, very watchable as the other series were but not quite hit it’s previous heights yet in my opinion.


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I watched it. I thought it was still decent enough although the first series was the best.

I read its the last one he's doing so kind of ties everything up nicely. A good mixture or serious and humour. I did 'laugh out loud' a few times and not much on TV these days makes me do that.


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Watched 4 last night and the final 2 this morning. Really enjoyed it. One of my favourites series


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Slightly disappointed with the series to be honest, however I loved the final episode and there were some good moments in the series but not quite up there with S1 and S2, in my humble opinion.


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Watched it over the weekend, agree with others that it was good but not as good as the first two series.
I fell asleep at the start of the last episode as I missed pretty much all of it.


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A bit disappointed also / the first two series hit hard and had me in tears and laughter in equal measure. There were only a couple of such scenes in series three. That being said I still enjoyed it.