Would you be in favour of COVID passports to get back in the Riverside?


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I don't understand this idea that if something doesn't work with 100% effectiveness then don't bother at all.
exactly, waiting for something to be perfect means you get zero benefit today, and you will be waiting forever for the perfect solution. No service based business operates like this anymore. Not one. In fact most businesses will push the boundary of failure on a regular basis to get feed back for improvements.


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would require some kind of application that allows you to register a test kit, then produce either a print out with a barcode, or a barcode on your phone screen via an app.
Call me a cynic but unless the app and the test are somehow linked together it relies on the person being tested to input the test result which is easy to abuse if you just tell the app you've had a negative test


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Not for me.

The government said we need to vaccinate our way out of this if we want to return to normal. First it was all about vaccinating the vulnerable, then over 50s, now all adults and I am guessing all kids too eventually? It feels like the goalposts are constantly being moved to avert any return to normality. I can just seen it now, cases spiking during the summer but even with less hospital admission and deaths, we are plunged into another lockdown then we will hear the murmurs of autumn coming, colder weather, booster jabs and ANOTHER WAVE.

If last year, anybody said anything about vaccine passports, you would have been labelled a conspiracy theorist. Correct me if I am wrong, but wasn't there a post/poster comparing this with China's social credit system? Which effectively prevents you from purchasing/buying/doing anything outside (or even inside) your own home without permission from authorities? Logistically it does sound easy, a green QR code and you are free to do what you want, but people are overlooking the principle. That of incessantly awaiting permission off the government for you to enjoy liberties you once had before COVID. I have never known such a transformation in the relationship between the state and its citizens since that of the last twelve months.

I am getting the feeling that there are some people who genuinely don't want a return to 'normal'. That they are quite happy with governments imposing lockdowns at the drop of a hat. If people who do support vaccine passports but want them only as a short term solution, then answer the question of at what point do we ditch them and accept that they aren't needed? Zero cases and deaths for a month? two months? three? It just simply isn't going to happen. We have to accept that there will be people at the match, on public transport, in your office or at ASDA, carrying COVID. Following the science and now the data were the government's favourite soundbites, well this time, actually do follow the data and if everything is pointing south and not north, open everything as normal. This could have easily been put in the bud by categorically ruling them out. Instead they flirted with the idea and now businesses are anxious, all completely avoidable.